Hi!  My name is Scott Woodford, the inventor of Keep On Covers.  
As you can see, I ride a recumbent.  With the lower angle, my cleats used to slide on the pavement at traffic stops.  I wondered what I could do to get some traction, and after three years of experimenting came up with my Keep On Covers.  Now I won't ride without them!

Most of my cycling buddies ride conventional bikes, and they love my covers too.  Some have noticed benefits that I hadn't.  If you find other positives, (or negatives) I'd love to hear about them.  E-mail me at:


Thanks for your interest in Keep On Covers, and always ride safely!
Keep On Covers are made by Cycle Additions LLC, and is NOT affiliated with or to be confused                     with Kool Kovers, bicycle shoe cleat covers made by Pal Products LLC.